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It is a Dual Adjustable LED Recessed Spot Lamp designed to accentuate merchandise, products, artworks and architectural details very effectively, without distorting the effect due to excessive shadowing.  The angle of the lamp can be adjusted 30 degrees or more to prevent shadow-casting by the observer.
It is also perfect for wash-lighting and flood-lighting object(s) on the wall, for example, pictures, sculptures or merchandise displays.


JosephSan's lighting technologies (e.g. Eskaa brand for this lamp) are field-proven and time-tested; working non-stop for 5 years or more in branded commercial outlets in asia (e.g. Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan) with very low degradation.


For orders above 50 pieces, please write to us at

Ceiling Recessed 2-Lamp LED Spot Light

SKU: JS-CRSL-2-3000K
    • Dimensions - 355 mm X 191.5 mm X 122.2 mm
    • Lamp Type - High Luminous Flux LEDs 
    • Beam Angle - 60 Degrees
    • Total Luminous Flux - 3,600 Lumens
    • Lighting Color Temperature - 3,000 K CCT
    • Power Control Units ( PCU ) - External
    • Dimmable - Leading Edge or Trailing Edge
    • Line AC Input Voltage ( PCU ) - 220 ~ 240 VAC
    • Line AC Input Frequency - 50 / 60  Hz
    • LED DC Voltage - 33 VDC
    • Total Maximum Power - 33.0 W
    • Approximate Lifespan - 50,000 Hours
    • Colour : Black with Silver-Rim Reflector
  • Singpost or other reliable commercial delivery services.

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