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About Us


Proudly established in December 1994, JosephSan Private Limited has been a professional turn-key solution company. One of these breakthroughs is inventing state-of-the-art energy efficient LED lighting products, which are designed from ground up by our engineers who are amongst the best in the world.


Our lamps are used in homes and commercial places such as offices, hotels, airports, factories, retail stores and many 24-hour chain outlets. These lamps are market proven and time tested to bring great value and savings to the owners. Not only can these shorten the returns of investment, it greatly yields the lowest life cycle costs. These attributes are essential for 24/7 operators who are benefitting from it immensely.


We market these lamps under a few brand names. We not only design the bulbs, we manufacture them.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve our LED products while lowering costs for consumers.


Besides our core specialisation in LED lamps, we are also experts in plastic components and designs.  We endeavour to develop and sell must-have merchandise suitable for homes, commercial and industrial use.


It is always our passion to deliver elegance and style with quality in every project that we do. We hope to be a blessing and bring delight to every treasured customer we serve.


Feel free to browse through our product catalogue page for your desired merchandise.  You may wish to reach out to us for a specific product which is currently not listed in the product gallery and we will be glad to assist you with your enquiry. 


We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.

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