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  • Imagine your lamp doesn’t need grid electricity!
  • Imagine you do not need to pay the electric company!
  • Imagine you do not need cables and cabling works!
  • Imagine you only need the sun to provide the energy!
  • Imagine it is so rugged you can place it anywhere in your garden or landscape!
  • 100% Waterproof! 100% Solar! 100% Dirt-Proof!
  • It turns on by itself when the sun sets; and off when the sun rises.
  • No attention is needed. It lights up in your garden even when you are not home.
  • It can be used indoors as night lights or lights for decorations.
  • It is heat-free and NO MORE burn-out lights!
  • No bulb replacements needed.


Our SOLAR RECHARGEABLE LED LAMPs are constructed and tested in accordance to the strictest requirements of the industry; to fully satisfy the intentions of use in outdoor rain-water affected areas and earthly terrains. And of course, these lamps are most suited to be used indoor with sufficient sunlight to recharge its batteries.


Our SOLAR RECHARGEABLE LED LAMPs are built with Solid State Lighting technology that actually surpasses the design and performan