AVAVA, a leading Singaporean manufacturer of patented Integrated Water Purification Technologies, builds products based on extensive research, tests, and consumer insights. AVAVA products are recognized for their innovations, designs, and quality.


Although many of us are fortunate to have access to water resources considered suitable for consumption by our city authorities, this doesn’t mean the water is clean enough for our health benefits and well-being. Water purification becomes essential to limit contaminants and chemicals flowing into our bodies.


The AVAVA Water Purification System involves an integration of multiple patented applications, making it the first and only model that requires no electricity or any complicated plumbing.


This integrated filtration and purification equipment are formulated with special elements in a compact 6-step integrated process; to comprehensively remove impurities and contaminants before dispensing Nutrients water.


The patented dual US-made Space-Age Purificator / Disruptor with Activated Carbon Filter sieves 99.99% of micro-organisms in water. It effectively eliminates dirt, heavy metals, chemicals, contaminants, and a variety of harmful pathogenic bacteria. Axiomatically, the odor is removed and the taste of purified water is delectable!  You can now drink with peace of mind.


These special ingredients ( NSF 42 ) of NASA-funded nonwoven filtration media technology contrive filtration efficiency comparable to nanofiltration membranes, with a very low-pressure drop at high flow rates, and high loading capacity; making it a recognized superior quality material that is safe and reliable.


AVAVA innovates proprietary inner compartments within this Water Purifier to house 3 patented stick capsules containing the earth's naturally occurring elements. As purified water passes through these elements, it absorbs vital minerals - with chlorine being removed simultaneously by a separate patented round capsule. The last stick capsule ( containing the Magnesium element - mounted in the base of the system ) further infuses molecular hydrogen in the purified water on its way out to our cups. The purified water is now Ionized Magnesium Hydrogen Water with a pH value of 7.6 to 9.0. The ORP ( Oxidation-Reduction Potential ) is ranged from -50mV to -150mV. The concentration of molecular hydrogen in the purified water is about ± 500 ppb ( parts per billions ); suffice to have pronounced therapeutic and wellness properties on humans and animals.


This set comes completed with 3 Magnesium Elements Stick Capsules + 1 Chlorine Elements Shell Capsule which has a lifespan of up to 300 litres of water or replace every 2 - 3 months (Refill set Model 800).


The body and all accessories of the AVAVA system are materials made of FDA-certified food-grade plastic materials and SUS 304 stainless steel fittings. They are safe, reliable, neat, and durable.


The filter can be easily dismantled and reassembled, convenient for use, and easy to install.  Also, the Filter is durable enough to withstand at least a couple of maintenance cleaning thereby saving the need to discard or replace it often.


Get yourself and loved ones this supreme Integrated Water Disruptor Purification System and enjoy safe and clean drinking water with Ionized Magnesium Hydrogen Water today!


For more educational information on AVAVA Integrated Water Disruptor Purification System, please visit the Video Gallery.




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PMODEL 601 - Integrated Water Disruptor Purification System (Basic Combo 1)

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