Our Khazak UV bug killers are designed to kill mosquitoes and other small bugs effectively (Bugs exclude ants and cockroaches).


Most mosquitoes and nocturnal insects are attracted to our body temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2).  Our Khazak bug killer emits both heat, CO2 and the featured ultraviolet (UV) light, resulting in higher chances of these insects being drawn towards it instead of the human body.


Khazak bug killer lamp (Simple Pink) is USB operated with no touch control function (A touch control version was used in the video attached) but it is as effective as the pictures shown in this post - using the Simple Pink model). It can be used both indoors and outdoors.


For best results if using indoors, operate this bug killer in an enclosed room where these insects are (all windows and doors closed for at least 2 hours).


This product is authentically designed in Hong Kong.

Khazak Simple Pink

  • Recommended Adapter Ratings:

    • Input Voltage 100 ~ 240 Vac ( 50/60 Hz )
    • Output Voltage & Current : 5Vdc / 1A

    **Adapter not included in the box.**



    • No


    Touch Control:

    • No


    UV Wavelength:

    • 365 nm


    Effective Area:

    • 15.0 m² 


    Hanging Ring:

    • Yes


    DC Socket:

    • Micro USB - 5Vdc


    Reflector Finishing:

    • Glossy White



    • < 40 dBA @ 1 m On Any Mode [ Silent Operation ]


    USB Cable:

    • 0.8 m Micro USB Cable (AWG #24)


    Product Size:

    • Length - 72.0 mm
    • Width - 72.0 mm
    • Height - 200.0 mm


    Product Weight:

    • 160 grams



    • UV 
    • USB Plug-in 


    Product Safety Approbation:

    • CE
  • For OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS who are interested in our KHAZAK Bug Killer Table Lamps, please do not hestitate to send us your order requests via email at sales.team@josephsan.com.