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Enjoy clean air all day and everyday. The Clair-R3 is perfect for small to medium sized spaces. Our attractive design perfectly enhances any setting you opt to place it in. 3 Fan Speeds are available with electronic controls. This authentic product is Made in Korea.


Innovative Technology Through A Paradigm Shift - The e2F Filter

e2F Filter is an innovative filter resulting in a paradigm shift. The Clair e2F Filter's performance far exceeds that of HEPA filters. The Clair e2F Filter traps ultrafine particles ( 0.1 𝞵m in size ) which existing HEPA filters fail to capture. Now try the supreme Clair e2F Filter!

Removal Of Allergens And Other Substances That Cause Sick House Syndrome
Clair removes harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), exhaust gases (NOx, SOx), formaldehyde and toluene (VOCs). It is great for use in rooms with respiratory patients, atopic patients, pregnant women and infants.

Safely Purified Air With No Hazardous Secondary Substances
Traditional air purifiers based on electric collectors or aromatic mixtures, generate hazardous secondary substances, such as ozone and carbon, which cause headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, asthma and atopy. Clair Air Purifier is free of hazardous secondary substances.

Virus And Bacteria Removal
It maintains a pleasant indoor environment by removing viruses, mold, fungi and bacteria.

Low Maintenance Costs

It has the lowest continuous operating cost of SGD$0.40 a month. It has negligible impact on the electricity bill. The e2F Filter can be used for over a year; easiest maintenance and reduces filter costs.


Noise Level
It is super quiet in operation and very conducive for any space requiring the least noise level.



It removes odour in the air during operation.


It is designed for convenient, one-button operation. The e2F Filter can be easily removed, cleaned or replaced by users.

Attractive Design

Its elegant and attractive design makes it a perfect decoration for bedrooms and living rooms. It can be used in individual spaces and office environments. It is very portable for its size ( 254 mm x 150 mm x 255 mm ).

[LATEST MODEL 2020] Clair-R3 e2F Air Purifier [3-Pack]

  • Adapter Ratings:

    • Input Voltage : 100 ~ 240 Vac (50/60 Hz)
    • Output Voltage & Current : 12 Vdc / 1 A


    Performance & Power Consumption:

    • Low Mode @ 1.2 W
    • Medium Mode @ 1.8 W
    • High Mode @ 2.4 W


    Noise Level Measurement In A Sound-Proof Room:

    • Low Mode : 14-16 dB
    • Medium Mode : 25-26 dB
    • High Mode : 32-34 dB



    • e2F filter ( Patented in Europe )
    • Filters out particles smaller than 0.1 𝝁- far exceeds the requirement of HEPA filter



    • Yes



    • 322 Square Feet (29.915 Square Meters)


    Recommended Use Areas:

    • Bedroom, Living Room, Children's Room, Kitchen, Study Room, Studio Room, Office, Hospital Room.


    Product Size:

    • 254 mm x 150 mm x 255 mm 


    Product Weight:

    • 1.7 kg


    Product Colour:

    • White


    Each Package Contains:

    • Clair-R3 Air Purifier x1
    • Clair-R3 Air Filter x1
    • AC Adapter x1
    • Product Manual x1
    • AC Power Socket x 1 (Only Included In Package For Shipping Outside Of Singapore)


    Package Size ( Per Unit ):

    • 270 mm x 160 mm x 320mm


    Made In Korea

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