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  • There are many types of water filters or types in the market, how do I know what is good and why should I own an AVAVA appartus?"
    There are indeed many types of water filtration and purification systems; each promising to filter and purify. The primary consideration should always be on quality and while quality of the physical product is important, attention should be given to the quality of the water that comes out of the spout for consumption. A good buy would be one that is capable of filtering all filths and contaminants including submicron particulates, pathogens, trace pharmaceuticals and cellular debris that are often found in tap water. That said, not only should tap water be well filtered and purified, the water should also thereafter be allowed to mingle with natural minerals to replace essential properties lost in the filtering process. To ensure optimum results, the AVAVA apparatus uses the Disruptor® ultrafiltration membranes, an especially engineered product manufactured on electro adsorptive technology to filter and purify your tap water. These membranes are extremely effective at removing filths and contaminants including organic acids, bacteria and cellular debris; hence also an effective media for protecting the system from biological fouling. In other words, you can safely install the system next to the kitchen window without fear of microorganisms or algae build up. After your tap water is filtered and purified through the filtration system, the water is cleverly channelled through a protocol of activation capsules makes use of Bernoulli’s principle process to mingle with a discipline of Magnesium pellets and Alkaline elements to enhance the now purified water with essential minerals and discharged as clean Ionized Magnesium Hydrogen or Alkaline Ion Water for consumption. Last but not least, the AVAVA apparatus is conceived on the premise that ‘All Human Beings Deserve Health-Promoting Clean Water’. Hence, it is cost-effective, to say the least.
  • Does the AVAVA system require complicated installation?
    The AVAVA is made for convenience. It can be connected directly to receive water from your tap without complication. A valve enables you to switch the flow when water is needed only for washing. Please refer to our video for the assembly guide below.
  • Will the unit substantially increase electrical usage in the home?
    The AVAVA is a POU (Point Of Use) apparatus that connects directly to a faucet of your choice anywhere in your house and is powered by the flow of the water that is fed through it. It does not need electricity for it to work and so will not incur any extra cost.
  • Once installed, does the AVAVA equipment require any maintenance service or part change?"
    No, not unless you had dropped the apparatus and the chambers are broken, you will only need to replace the filter cylinder once in about every 2 years; depending on the frequency of use of course. A fair estimate would be about after 5000 litres of use. If the water filter is not in use for 3 days onward, it is best that you discard the water from the housing to free types of contaminant and bacteria growth. The AVAVA is designed for low to zero maintenance and made to mitigate all perceivable inconveniences related to water treatment. In the event a Disruptor® cylinder is not immediately available after your 5000 litres, you may use an ordinary cylindrical ceramic filter for temporarily replacement. Simply take one of the 6 connectors provided, to connect to one that you can get your hands on. The connectors are designed to fit any cylindrical ceramic filters on the continents.
  • Isn't clean water sufficient to keep the body functioning? Why is there a need for mineral and enhanced water?
    Water is of major importance to all living things; up to 60% of the human adult body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, while the lungs are about 83% water. Uniquely different from boiled water and tap water, mineral water improves the overall health of these and all other organs including the skin. The human body relies on minerals which are essential for proper growth. A deficiency of these minerals can put the body, especially the brain, in an alarming situation. We are surrounded by the effects of modern technology and the pollution generates large amounts of positive ions in the atmosphere. People living in cities are regularly bombarded by positive ions in the environment. Water that are processed and transported under pressure to town and city homes also becomes saturated in positive ions, which is extremely unhealthy. The AVAVA system filters and purifies water coming from your tap and channels the purified water to pass through a protocol of capsules packed with a discipline of natural minerals that also activate the water in a process that transforms the water previously dominated by positive ions to contain an abundance of negative ions. The AVAVA transforms tap water to become purified Ionized Magnesium Hydrogen or Alkaline Ion water. Find more information on Facts About Water and Why AVAVA?
  • How effective is the AVAVA apparatus in filtering and purifying tap water?
    The AVAVA apparatus employs not just one but several disciplines to ensure that regular tap water is rendered harmless and free from filth and contaminants. Two of the current tops of the line media in water treatment are employed. Firstly, Disruptor® ultrafiltration membranes, an especially engineered product manufactured on electro adsorptive technology for filtration and purification of water, filter and purify the water that comes through from your tap. Second treatment – KDF and Silver Ion process a high-purity copper-zinc formulations, uses redox (the exchange of electrons) to remove up to 99% water-soluble heavy metals and chlorine from water. To further ensure that no bacteria remain in the water, Anti-bacterial balls are added to the protocol. These measures ensure that the AVAVA delivers what it promises; purifies and transform regular tap water to become clean purified water charged with Ionized Magnesium Hydrogen or Alkaline Ion Water.
  • What are the types of minerals generated by the AVAVA system and how are they beneficial to our body?
    Please visit here to know more!
  • What is the difference between the bottle capsule sticks Model 700-MX and Model 701-HX?
    When immersed in purified water, Model 700-MX BLUE bottle capsule stick (which is made of magnesium) produces Hydrogen-Rich Water. The molecular hydrogen produced has a density of ± 500 ppb. This amount could climb up to ± 1,000 ppb if the magnesium is soaked for more than 4 hours (without being exposed to external air in a tightly capped bottle). Hydrogen-Rich Water strengthens our immune system, enhances cell viability, minimises damage caused by free radicals, and thus reduces oxidative stress. Several trials reported favourable effects of H2 on mitochondrial function. H2 preserves mitochondrial membrane potential (ΔΨ), increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, and reduces swelling of the organelle. Model 701-HX WHITE bottle capsule also produces molecular hydrogen in purified water. 701-HX produces higher density of hydrogen in water ( ± 1,000 ppb ) at a fast rate. As mentioned above, the molecular hydrogen in the water is a powerful antioxidant. It lowers the risk of illnesses, reduces oxidative stress, strengthens the nerves and the immune system, improves mental and physical health, reduces fatigue and boosts vitality in the human body. Both bottle sticks are intended for use in purified water (but NOT with untreated tap water). The pH levels produced are in the healthy range.
  • Is the AVAVA system certified by recognised authorities?
    Yes, the AVAVA system is accredited by Ahlstrom-Munksjö SGS and Ahlstrom-Munksjö NSF. To view these certificates, please visit here.
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